Video for Still Shooters with Bob Krist

Travel photographer Bob Krist has been shooting video since Nikon first introduced the technology into the D90 many years ago. Along the way, he’s learned a lot about how a still photographer can take his or her skills and apply them to this exciting medium. Bob’s presentation will cover video basics for still shooters, what gear is necessary, and what isn’t, and also a look at how to shoot evocative, cinematic video as opposed to old fashioned TV-style moving reportage.

This is a fantastic introduction to videography by Bob. Watch till the end it is worth spending some time if you are seriously looking at Videography even if you are a Canon shooter.

This event is sponsored by Linblad Expeditions – National Geographic. To learn more about Linblad’s life-changing expeditions below.

Linblad Expeditions – National Geographic

Bob Krist’s Work

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