Easy Audio for DSLR

If you are new to audio recording and struggling to get crisp and useable audio from your DSLR camera, this talk from Alex from Source Distribution gives some practical insight, tips, and info on the techniques and products which will help you do just that.

All audio in this presentation was recorded with a RØDE smartLav, going into an Apple iPhone using the RØDE Rec App. A little UAD LA2A, Little Labs VOG and Neve 1073 processing was used to even out the dynamics and sweeten the recording.

Short Film – “KITE… The messenger”

Humanity does not have a religion, then why this hatred? This is the message a young boy, who lives near the Pakistan border, sends across in this heart warming film. If the world is one, then why the borders are created? If the colour of the Blood is Red then why the Hearts are different? If there is one Religion of Humanity then why this Hatred? These are the questions of the son of a tea vendor, 11-year-old Hussen who lives near the border of Pakistan. In a country like Pakistan, where terrorism is thriving, Hussen successfully tried to diffuse the terror attack, plotted by militants, by sending a message to Hindustan, through a kite. Through the message Hussen created an example of humanity, which is far above.

Award Winning Short Film – Dum Dum Deega Deega (Dancing in the Rain)

We all have problems but the way to solve it is to have a different outlook towards the situation. Watch in this short film how a little boy Ajju sorts out his problems. The solution to your problem is often hidden in the problem itself; all you need is a different outlook. The story of a beggar child, Ajju, who lives on the streets of Mumbai, but dreams big. He challenges his unfortunate fate, with nothing but a ‘different outlook’ towards the situation he faces.

Social Awareness Short Film – CHASNI (The Sugar Syrup) | Acid Victims | Eve Teasing | Animated

Hopefully this touching video will help people to realize what pain acid attack victims go through and raise awareness in society to stop these cruel and inhumane acts. The animated short film “CHASNI” deals exclusively with one of the proliferating horrendous crime that is acid attacks. The growth of this crime is upsurge in India, happening day and every day. It also includes the plight of disfigurement, which is known to be as root revenge reason against women and their beauty. It leads the victim to a stage of trauma which is physical and mental both. The film focuses, which make the viewer, introspect, “Is this a society we live in? Is this a way we treat people around us”. It stands as; that we first disfigure a human being and post we made them question about their disfigurement.