Videography Tutorial: Lighting for Video

Lighting for video is as much art as it is science. This video tutorial outlines how “lighting on the upstage side of the camera” – meaning the side away from the camera – can help add depth and dimension to your images. You can achieve this look with minimal lights and minimal cost. This is a great technique for indie filmmakers who are looking to add production value to their films or documentaries without spending a lot of money on lighting kits. This Video Tutorial is from ‘Lights Film School’.

Watch this Short Film- June 12′

June 12′ a short film which is based on a young boy. This boy sticks posters on walls and dreams of becoming an important person like the people he sees in the posters. But will the scourge of child labour let him? The message in this film is clear and language will not be a barrier although it is a Tamil movie. Watch patiently till the end.